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NANCYSHOECRAFT is a Nigerian brand of Bespoke and Unique leather wears hancrafted by a female ShoeMaker with a difference. She doesn't just make footwear, she creates them.

This business which was started in 2019 is focused on the production of classic Leatherwork (footwear and accessories) which seek to meet people’s need of locally accessible footwear with high quality materials.

At NANCYSHOECRAFT, we design, produce and sell bespoke but yet affordable and high quality proudly made in Nigeria (handcrafted) leather footwear such as sandals, slippers, shoes, for men and women and leather accessories including leather belts and the likes.

We use locally sourced materials and our team of skilled passionate and creative staff to address people’s problem of accessing durable and affordable footwear in their different localities

We also offer trainings and courses in Leather products Production and Craftsmanship.


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Discover Nancyshoecraft Journey

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January 2017
January 2017 Enrolled into NYSC-SAED on Leatherworks production by Nancy Chidebe
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June 2017
Gets into St Davids shoes Academy Lagos for Advanced craftsmanship and shoemaking course.
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February 2018
Kicked off the production as a sole proprietor with a personal capital investment of #500,000
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October 2018
Started training people on what we do. This includes individuals, Students and NYSC Corp members
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August 2019
Registered the business with Cooperate Affairs commission (CAC) Nigeria as NANCYSHOECRAFT LEATHERWORKS
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February 2020
Gets additional investment of #1m running capital from my first business partner Chidebe Ifeatu.

Awards & Recognition

November 2019
The founder, Nancy Chidebe
Awarded an Associate of Chartered Institute of Entrepreneurs’ (Nigeria)

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